Social Studies 10: Canada from 1815 to 1914

Prescribed Learning Outcomes / Suggested Achievement Indicators

Identity, Society, and Culture


  • C4 Describe the structure and function of Canada’s federal, provincial and local governments
    • Describe the components of the BC provincial government (e.g., Premier, MLAs, Legislative Assembly, Lieutenant Governor)
    • Describe the components of municipal governments (e.g., mayor, councillors, bylaws)

Economy and Technology

  • D1 Assess the impact of Macdonald’s National Policy on Canada
  • D3 Describe the development of British Columbia’s economy from 1815 to 1914
    • identify the emergent resource-based industries in British Columbia, including
    • Describe the shift in British Columbia’s trade patterns from north-south (USA) and overseas (Britain) to east-west (within Canada)


  • E2 Analyze how geography influenced the economic development and settlement patterns in regions of Canada from 1815 to 1914
  • E3 Evaluate attitudes and practices in resource development in British Columbia from 1815 to 1914 and their impact on contemporary resource management
    • Identify key renewable and non-renewable resources in British Columbia (e.g.,mining, fishing, forestry, agriculture)
    • Define stewardship and sustainability with respect to environmental considerations and social responsibility
    • Compare past and present resource development practices in BC, such as:
    • Defend a position on a selected resource development issue


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